Beautiful words that bring tears to my eyes

Date: Fri, Sep 2, 2022 at 11:41 AM
Subject: re: The news, Paul Derienzo
To: <>

Dear Mr. Berthold

I am writing to you regarding your recent decision to remove Paul DeRienzo from the WBAI news. Not only was I saddened and distressed by his sudden dismissal, but virtually everyone I am in contact with in the area has expressed their disappointment and a real sense of loss for someone who is virtually a New York City institution. Please reconsider your firing of him. His concise, no-nonsense, unbiased approach to the news makes him a rare voice in the highly polarized world of today.

Literally, Paul’s broadcasting has served our city as a beacon in bad times. During the pandemic and other disasters, rebellions, strikes, 9/11, police riots, and acts of terrorism and war, Paul’s voice has remained steady and reliable. I’ve listened to WBAI, spellbound, as Paul, unafraid, recorded the news in the face of blood, riot police, flames, and tear gas. His words bring hope to New Yorkers of all stations. Do not silence him.


Kenneth Toglia

Published by Paul DeRienzo

I provide expert direction and advice for progressive public media outlets on how to create news broadcasts and podcasts in the rapidly developing field of new media including community and low power radio, social media live streaming, and live broadcast and online interactive news experiences. Building on my 20 years experience in public access television production, radio broadcasting and media education I can take your media experience to new levels and to national and international audiences. Whether a live call-in show, a full scale news department or 5 minutes at the top of the clock tap my expertise in turning the voice of truthful, hard-hitting progressive political news into your voice.

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